Riina Saastamionen is from Finland;

she completed a full curriculum in P.A.R.T.S; training consisted mainly in contemporary dance (Lance Gries, Randy Warshaw), repertory (from Rosas, Forsyte, T.Brown, Wim Vandekeybus ), ballet and theory (sociology, philosophy, music, theatre...). In 1998 she danced in Jan Fabre's production THE FIN COMES A LITTLE BIT EARLIER THIS SIECLE (but business as usual); in 1999 she performed in Jan Decorte's creation B╩TE NOIRE (Kaaitheather/ Brussels). In 1999 she started creating a series of solos: Random Stories (co-produced by Helsinki, performed in Brussels and Antwerp). For the year 2000 she is engaged in an artistic collaboration between dance-music-architecture which is called WALKABOUT-STALK(Brussels 2000).


Annabelle Chambon is French;

she graduated at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon; she has been working with several French contemporary dance groups; since 1998 she approached improvisation and instant composition with Julien Hamilton, Vera Orlock, Mark Tompkins, Pierre Droulers, Joanne Leighton and others. Since February 1999 she is performing with the company Velvet/Joanne Leighton, based in Brussels; creation of We can build you and of THE SIEGE OF NAMUR.


Thierry De Mey is from Belgium;

he is composer and film director. Mouvement has an important and central place in his work, factor of interactivity between the different disciplines respecting their specificity; his compositions have been interpreted by ensembles like Arditti, Hilliard, London Symphonietta, Nederland Bl., among others; he has been a founder member of Maximalist! and Ictus; he signed music and co-conception for choreographers as A.T. De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus, M.A. De Mey; he composed for theatre pieces as DANTON'S TOD (directed by Bob Wilson). He directed several films: FLOREAL, LOVE SONNET, ROSAS DANST ROSAS, TIPPEKE, 21 ╔TUDES └ DANSER, MUSIQUE DE TABLES. Thierry De Mey developed an intense pedagogical activity all over Europe.


Franceso Ripoli is Italian;

He graduated at the Art's School RUSSOLI in Pisa and received his degree in ART&DRAW at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 1998. He is constantly working as (graphic) designer for several art magazines as BLU (Itlay), ModalitÓ (Italy)and Communicarte (Spain) and advertising agencies in Italy. He is an illustrator of poetry books and published several comic-strips. His last personal exhibition was shown at the Gallery C.V.L. in Siviglia. He was curator for Quid, Contemporary Exhibition at Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello (Italy).