Grafic by Thierry De Mey



Ennesima - for a first solo

choreography/dance Manuela Rastaldi

music Thierry De Mey

supported by Cie M.A. De Mey

premiere Cie.MAD 1998 (Brussels)



lines on lines

becoming constructions

bored in the meaning: I am on the verge of tears

transparence set in motion: that which reaches the surface just after the opposite movement of ink dropped in a glass of water

oscillating limits meeting other limits

just as when we throw a stone in the water, than a second one, concentric circles rejoin and combine: the emergence of new topological configurations (Paul Virilio - Negative Orison)

I wait on this border about to get lost

frontiers are in the center



In this piece I tried to explore formal limits and tension zones as emotional borderlines. Pure dance where the spatial organization, crystal transparent, tend to reinforce the cutting edge of the movement.





In summer 1999 Manuela Rastaldi continued developing her personal choreographic language collaborating with 3 dancers. Improvising on compositions and floor patterns of Thierry de Mey and on photos of Francesca Woodman, she did research on duo choreography with Anouk Llaurence, Magdalena Reiter and Alice Chauchat.



TRA - intervention

In April 2000 there was a first showing of TRA, it happened as an interventionh within an exposition/isntallation of the photographer Marin Kasimir at Espace Hermes in Brussels, funded by Hermes Paris. The elements of TRA, elobarated as single lines, were put together for the first time. be continued...