Photo by Thierry De Mey


TRA : in between


Three persons in a given space exploring the distance between their bodies as a territory for communication;

trying to go in the volumes created/existing, by/in the body;

trying to translate this space in between by forms;

how physical contact can be without touching?

My mind is getting full of memories from my body moving; I am building a memory of movement's traces as a structured area of images to create and extend presence and communication in space.

A confrontation between different actions will follow: these mental-spiritual scars versus material ones created in real-time, both witnesses of a duration of what is happening between the three of us.

A craftsman is invited to elaborate a single object of daily use on stage. It can be a chair. As dance does not leave behind material traces, there will be a visible sign of time traced for a project's memory, accumulating on stage, confronting the choreography to a space in constant evolution.

Maybe all this, just to translate these distant rumors I have inside...



choreography Manuela Rastaldi

performer Manuela Rastaldi, Riina Saastamionen, Annabelle Chambon

music/composition Thierry De Mey

sculpture Francesco Ripoli

residence Armunia (Castiglioncello/ Italy)

premiere SommerSZENE2000 (Salzburg/ Austria)

production SZENE Salzburg (Austria)

with the support of Cie Michèle Anne De Mey (Belgium) and APAP.