"Through the Glass, deeply" is a full length performance combining movement, kinetic images, visual and video images, sound images, lighting, and occasional fragments of text. The piece looks at love, longing, and desire and how we transform and are in turn transformed by our interactions with others and with our environment. The focus alternates between close-ups, intimate views of interactions, and long shots, expansive washes of energy and abstraction. Like the image of an opening and closing heart, the viewer is drawn into particular interpersonal situations. Fragments of text weave through the dance - moments of poetic inner monologues, commentary, and pointed questions designed to engage the viewer in dialogue.

Video is used as a moving set, an outer landscape to reflect the inner landscape of the body shifting between images from nature or living spaces. My body which is always myself is model of the things and the things model of my body; the body bound to the world through all its parts.(Maurice Merleau- Ponty)

"Through the Glass, Deeply" is organized like a fractured picture, or jigsaw puzzle. The piece will not tell a linear story but rather offer an expressionistic glimpse of narrative combined with abstracted physical movement states. Five people act as facets of one another: a vision of an altered situation, offering other possibilities than the usual parameters of one reality.

I am not interested in real time or daily reality but rather the moments in life when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


concept/choreography/text Mia Lawrence

Dance Mia Lawrence, Renate Graziadei, Arthur Stäldi, Gabriela Solini, Mark Lorimer, Estella Zutic

video Sabine Harbeke

music Wolfgang Schrammel

co-production SZENE Salzburg (Austria), Dans in Kortrijk (Belgium)

with the support of Elliot Music Company and APAP